Studio Check-in #1 — What I’m Working On This Month

Welcome to 2020! Holy cow, the start of a whole new DECADE. I’m using this arbitrary marker of time as an occasion to recommit to my art business and this website, and last month I had an idea for a new little series. I’m going to do what I’ll call “Studio Check-Ins,” where I share with you all what I’m working on that isn’t finished yet. I start painting larger, more time-consuming pieces fairly often, between smaller pieces, practice work, and commissions, that aren’t necessarily Insta-ready yet but are coming along nicely. Some of these projects you might see more than once, as I keep putting them off, but hopefully there will be some overall progress, haha. Maybe sharing them here will help motivate me to finish them!

So, let’s get started! Here’s what I’ve got in progress that I’m hoping to clear off the decks before February:

First off, a painting based on a photo I took in Chicago last spring — I love the L and how it integrates with the city; actually, I think I just like trains in general. I got a good ways into this, as you can see, before I got distracted by… something. (I always have several projects going at once; I’ve never been good at focusing on one thing at a time.)

Second, also based on a photo taken in Chicago (this one at Shedd Aquarium), a cluster of colorful underwater creatures. This one was fun because the fact that everything IS underwater means I can paint in a slightly looser style. Both of these paintings were started at our last house, before we bought and moved into our new one.

Lastly, a smaller piece I drew late last spring and finally started painting last fall. I go in phases between wanting to draw and wanting to paint; when I’m in drawing mode, I’ll sketch or draw things for myself to paint when I switch back. This is based on a reference photo from Glacier National Park in Montana; I worked on it here and there between bigger pieces and commissions and when I’m not sure what I want to create next (which thankfully has not been a problem lately.)

I’ll check in again with this particular series next month; we’ll see if I’ve made any progress! I have other pieces that aren’t finished yet which I’ll also share, so check back soon.

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