My next project: paint-them-yourself plants (I need your help!)

I’m happy to say that the watercolor “paint it yourself” kits that I put together for Etsy are doing pretty well, so I’ve decided to develop a few more. I have several other ideas brainstormed besides the flowers and the crystals that are currently available, but the idea I’ve had the longest is a kit featuring plants, cacti, and succulents.

I like to begin the process in my sketchbook, sketching as many options as I can think of that I might like to paint. From there, I transfer several of the best ones to watercolor paper and, of course, paint them all myself, so I can test out how they might look — and give you all an example of one of the ways YOU could paint them. Now, like I did with my flower options, I want to let you all decide which ones you like best. I got a pretty good response last time on social media with my flower kit, and one or two of the favorites surprised me, which was fun. This time around, I’ve created eight options in total, and I’d like your help to narrow them down to a Top 4.

I’ll post these on Instagram tomorrow for wider votes, but I’d love to have your opinions here first. Between now and next Tuesday, please leave me a comment and tell me your top 4 favorites in order!

Here are the contenders:

I’ll admit that I don’t know the proper names of all of these, but I can tell you that several of them are inspired by my own house plants, which I really enjoy taking care of. Maybe I’ll share them in a future post!

Remember, please feel free to vote for four — you can just list the number next to the plant (i.e., “7”) or give a little description (i.e., “the cactus in the bottom right with the turquoise and pink pot”). You can leave a comment here, or feel free to catch the post on Facebook or Instagram when it goes live tomorrow. Thanks in advance for your help. 🙂

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