My Favorite Artists: An Instagram Tour

If you follow me on Instagram (@fairy.tree.studios), you may notice that I haven’t quite gotten it down yet. I post a bit sporadically and don’t use any of its other features (stories, IGTV, Reels) like I should. I’m kinda love/hate with Instagram in that regard, but one thing I do love about it is discovering other artists, in other parts of the world, whose art I might never have come across otherwise. I wanted to share a few of them here because I find them all inspiring in different ways, and you might too. Plus I can’t necessarily access/afford their art (especially originals) but it’s free for me to give them exposure, and I know how much it means when people do that for me. SO, without further ado, here they are in no particular order (links go to their Insta profiles):

  1. Xtina Gavrilova (Tula, Russia; @xtina_gavrilova_art) — architectural sketches and cityscapes — she uses color so loosely, yet so effectively.
  2. Yonghong Zhong (Portland, OR; @yonghong.zhong.9) — landscapes and still life paintings in which he makes amazing use of dramatic natural light.
  3. Jessica Durrant (Atlanta, GA; @jessillustrator) — mainly fashion illustration; she finds just the right details to make a piece look bold and dynamic.
  4. Ingrid Sanchez (London, UK; @creativeingrid) — her loose watercolor florals are so colorful and energetic — she does beautiful work with color and layering.
  5. Lin Ching Che (Taipe, Taiwan; @lin_chingche) — he does amazing night-time city scenes with impressive execution of all the building and traffic lights.

I focused on artists who mainly work in watercolor this time around, but perhaps in a future post I’ll share some of my favorites who are working in other mediums.

Who are some of your favorite contemporary artists? How did you discover them?

I learned a new trick! If you click the play arrow, you can see a video close-up of my latest painting, or click the arrow to see photos.

Next week for my studio check-in, I’ll share some of the fall pieces I hinted at in the text of my post above.

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