A Fall Getaway Down South

What’s this? Another post about a trip I’ve taken recently? Crazy, right? After nearly a year of not leaving Illinois, we got to take yet another quick getaway over the first weekend of October, which makes me feel a little spoiled. It was no substitute for, say, a trip to Ireland (my friend forwarded me an email from Aer Lingus with flights from Chicago to Dublin in the spring for $299. So tempting…) but I did get to spend time with some family that I haven’t seen in almost as long, so it still felt like a win. This time we went down to Alabama for my brother and sister-in-law’s baby shower.

I of course forgot to bring my “good” camera, but I did manage to get some good photos, especially when my brother let me try out the Olympus camera he’s currently renting (did you know you can rent cameras etc. online and have them shipped to you? I shouldn’t be surprised).

Traffic on all the freeways was weirdly busy, especially south of Tennessee, and we found ourselves in several traffic jams (largely due to construction, it seems). The leaves aren’t changing colors as much as they are “up north,” but we still got some gorgeous open skies along the way.

Passing through Nashville — the clouds were very dramatic for most of the drive.
Delicious caramel apples at the baby shower.

The baby shower was Halloween-themed, and we went to a pumpkin patch the next day, so we definitely celebrated the season. I’m still working on some more fall-themed art (I finished one of my two apple paintings, which I’ll share here soon) and of course you know I took some more inspiration photos.

It kinda seemed like the pumpkin patch didn’t have a lot for adults to do (besides eat, which of course I enjoy — I had some yummy peach cobbler) but there was a petting zoo and a kiddie train ride and some other fun stuff for my nephew to check out. There were also lots of photo spots set up, which I have to say was pretty smart on the owners’ part. They were busy most of the time we were there, and the weather was just right.

So many pumpkins and hay bales everywhere.
We got a few family pics on the other side of that wagon, plus in another photo spot by one of the barns.

We don’t have any other trips planned until Thanksgiving, when we’ll probably go up to Wisconsin (still waiting to hear whether I get the time off from work) which I’m even more excited about now that my in-laws have informed me that they have a train museum near them, too, that’s open year-round.

What’s everyone else doing to celebrate fall? And are there any fall scenes I haven’t mentioned yet that you’d like to see drawn or painted?

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