Studio Check-In #12: Preparing for a New Etsy Shop

Our lovely Christmas tree this year

First of all, happy holidays to all of you, dear readers; I hope you’re finding time to relax and recharge and connect with family and friends even if you can’t be together in person. Jake and I have been fortunate enough to see family who’ve already recovered from the virus, although our travels and visits this year were more limited than they would have been in a “normal” year. I’m glad we did get to see those we did, and thankful that so many of the people we couldn’t see in person have been in touch virtually. I’ve historically been bad at keeping in contact with distant friends and family even with all the options I have for reaching out (phone, text, Facebook, etc.), but I have set the intention to do better and to message or call someone I care about at least once every couple days just to check in.

It may or may not have been evident from my last couple posts, but I haven’t been painting much lately. Late fall/early winter has traditionally been a time to take a break (if I don’t have a commissioned project to work on, that is) and this year that’s how it’s sort of organically worked out — a break in painting to make room for other things.

Coming soon: an Etsy shop for junk journals and supplies!

The first junk journal to be listed on my upcoming Etsy site

One of those other things is a new project that I hope to have up and running just after the new year. This month, I started building a new Etsy shop, which will feature handmade junk journals and journal-making supplies. My interest in the form has been developing and growing over the last year, and I’ve been gathering supplies and creating kits over the last few weeks especially. My specialty will be vintage book pages, but I have a few ideas for branching out once I get those in order. I will, of course, make the announcement here once the new shop is live, and will have a few pre-made junk journals ready by the time I launch too. If you remember the Vintage Simplicity pattern fabric journal I shared here earlier this year, that will be available in the shop; I have two more journals in process, with hopes of completing them for the launch. Here are some examples of what will be available:

Kits full of vintage book pages
The goodies I’ve found for the kits include maps, sheet music, and color illustrations

I plan to get back to painting in the new year as well as coming up with new Paint-it-Yourself kits for my current Etsy shop, so more goodies are coming there, too. Also, it looks like Writing with the Moon has enough participants to officially be a “go” — I recommend registering ASAP, though, if you were planning to, to make sure you get your kit before our January 7th start date.

In the meantime, I am cautiously optimistic for 2021, and I hope you are too. Until then, happy new year!

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