Creating an art-themed Vision Board (and maybe one for real life, too)

As an “artist,” I feel like I’m always in search of new sources of inspiration (especially now that one of my favorite ways to be inspired, travelling, is a little more restricted). Several of the artists I follow have something akin to a vision board, or a collection of colors, images, and textures that speak to them in some way. These collections might be virtual, in the form of a Pinterest board or Instagram bookmarks; I use both of these tools myself. However, as previously mentioned, I tend to get distracted when I put myself in front of a screen, so I decided to try the “analog” version of one of these vision boards.

A few color swatches I found and added

I am a natural collector of things I want to “save for later,” and thanks to my relatively new junk journal hobby I’m collecting with even more abandon. I figured it would be fun to try and assemble these tidbits in some kind of order on a vision board, and see if any kind of pattern or theme would emerge. These pictures are of my progress so far (and maybe a little insight into my aesthetic).

The beginnings of my Vision Board

I started with a big sheet of drawing paper (it’s about 18×24) and printed some of the colorful pieces I’d saved on Pinterest; I have a board on there especially for color combinations and swatches that I like. Then I just started arranging them to fit on the larger paper, grouping a little by palette or theme and sticking in a couple quotes I liked.

As you can see, it’s not done yet; hopefully sharing my progress thus far will inspire me to get on with it. I can say that at the very least, all the colors have brightened up my studio, and it’s a good visual reminder of color combos I want to try in my art.

I’ve read about various successful people — artists and non-artists — using a sort of vision board like this to help them imagine and visualize things they want to come into their lives. There’s a specific process they use, often called “manifesting.” Have you heard about this at all?

The process can be tailored to whatever works for each person: it can be more mystical or ritualistic (by following the phases of the moon, for example, or engaging in meditation/spell-casting, if you’re into that sort of thing) or a more practical exercise, to be done whenever you set aside the time or have a thing you want.

One artist I follow visualizes brands and companies that she wants to create art for when she’s ready to have the partnership come into her life. And according to her Instagram, it’s working for her. (Spoiler: this is also the basic premise of the book/documentary “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne, if you want to learn more.)

The key is that you take the time to really visualize the thing you want in your life, and imagine that you already have it and how it feels to have received it. You can write down the things you want — making lists and/or doing sketches — or create a vision board kind of like my art board above. The second part of this is, of course, looking for opportunities to bring the things you want to life — trying to meet the universe halfway.

I love the idea of manifesting, though I haven’t had any real luck sticking to a routine or process for practicing it myself. (I’m not great about routines for anything, really…) I love the idea that the universe is a benevolent force, ready to move for you if you just put your wishes “out there.” Leslie Odom, Jr. has a book called “Falling Up” in which he posits that for every step you take toward your dreams or goals, the universe takes two to meet you. (It seems to be working for him.)

Have you tried any kind of practice in manifesting or long-term goal-setting? Or maybe you have some other process for planning out your life and the direction you want it to go? If so, I’d love to hear about it!

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