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Fairy Tree Studios on social media, plus the first market of 2022!

I know my last post talked about how I’d had such a good time staying off my social media, but I can admit that it has its advantages, especially when it comes to connecting with others. As I start to get more involved in our local arts community (finally!), it’s important to have more ways for people to find FTS and see my work. So I have once again created a Fairy Tree Studios Facebook page. There, you’ll find shorter, more frequent updates on projects and markets as well as more informal photo albums of my past artwork. You’ll still find more in-depth behind-the-scenes news and updates here. And if you’re not into Facebook but have Instagram, @fairy.tree.studios is where you’ll find me.

Some of the paintings I’ll be bringing to the Boneyard Arts Market

In other news, I’m excited to announce that Fairy Tree Studios will be at the first-ever Boneyard Arts Market, which is happening as part of the Boneyard Arts Festival in Champaign County April 1-3! The Market itself will be Saturday, April 2 in Urbana, Illinois; other businesses in Champaign and Urbana will be hosting art installations and markets that weekend too. This year will be the Festival’s 20th year; I participated for the first time myself in 2019 and had plans to join in 2020 before COVID derailed everything. They did a smaller version last June, but this year seems like it’ll be back in full swing, and I’m really looking forward to it.

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