Fairy Tree Studios’ First Art Show

Things I learned (and sold!) at C-U’s Boneyard Arts Festival

My main table at the C-U Boneyard Arts Festival

I know I’m writing this weeks after the fact, but I didn’t want to completely pass up the opportunity to write a little about the Fairy Tree Studios art show debut. It was kind of a new experience for all involved, including the CU Woodshop, which hosted me and my work — this was their first time setting up in the actual wood shop instead of their retail space. About 18 artists had work on display, ranging from painting and photography to wire jewelry and woodwork.

The venue is a little outside of the central Champaign area (where most of the other venues were), and so I think getting traffic to the shop was a bit of a challenge. Most of the people who came through on Friday were there to see the wood workers, who also taught at the shop during the week. I did sell a few items, though, and got to know a few of the artists around me, which in itself was a worthwhile experience (plus they were nice).

Saturday my family was in town for the show; my mom and youngest sister joined me at my booth, which made it more fun (even before they picked out things to buy). One of the organizers bought one of my prints, too, which was a high compliment in my opinion. Overall, in fact, I discovered that the prints sold a lot better than the original pieces, though I’ve yet to see if this is true everywhere or just in this particular instance. I also gave out some business cards and sold another print (plus gained a small commission job) after the show, thanks to the exposure. I mentioned the success of my prints over originals to a colleague of mine, who seemed surprised by the information; her preference is to save up for original work rather than buying a copy (even if the copy is almost indistinguishable from the original).

What do you think? Do you prefer to spend the extra on an original piece, or do you prefer the more budget-friendly print?

Handmade books and printed stickers, plus more original paintings.
There was an empty booth next to mine, so I commandeered it for some overflow paintings (plus some prints, on the table with the pink stickers. I sold all the leaves and flowers, but got more in stock yesterday!).

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