New This Week: A Commissions Page!

So this whole art endeavor is still pretty new and a bit nebulous for me; even though April was technically the six-month anniversary for this website, it still feels like I’m working on getting established and figuring out what I’m doing. I’m still finding my niche (and my audience) and doing what I can to keep this moving forward between my other life obligations (like my day job, which I also really enjoy). Along the way, I’ve been really fortunate not only to have people buying my paintings and prints (last month I made my biggest sale to date, on my “Trucks” painting) but also asking me to create unique pieces just for them. It’s humbling and exciting to have a list of art-related projects keeping me busy into next month and beyond, and I can only hope that my good fortune holds steady.

I just finished up my latest commissioned project, which was a pair of small paintings which were meant to be graduation gifts for a pair of dancers at the studio I attend. Here they are:

Close-up of two 4″ x 6″ paintings I did on commission

With these, I feel like I have a small but mighty sample of commissioned work which I hope will showcase some skills or styles that aren’t necessarily part of my usual repertoire. You can find full separate images of these two paintings and a handful of others there now, with new pieces added as I finish them.

Note: commissions can now be found through the “Gallery” page.

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