A New Look for Fairy Tree Studios’ First Birthday

If all goes according to plan, the URL of Fairy Tree Studios will lead to a whole new website by the time October — and the site’s first birthday — rolls around.

I’ve been wanting to revamp the website to match my other branding a little better. More importantly, I wanted the ability to sell art directly from my website for several months. My previous web host didn’t allow that without me paying for a much more expensive plan. As it was, my “premium” plan got a lot more premium for 2020, with costs more than doubling vs. 2019.

Money is a great motivator, isn’t it?

But really, back to the art, because that’s what this whole endeavor is all about. I’ve now curated a selection of my best work: all original pieces, divided up by collection or series (florals, cityscapes, abandoned elements, etc.) so you can go right to what interests you. Even better, the ones that are still available will have links for immediate purchase, instead of the old “contact me for inquiries” bit.

I’ll still have prints, stickers, stationery, and more items featuring my artwork available through Etsy, linked above in the menu bar. If you have suggestions for other merchandise that you’d like to see my artwork on, let me know! I’m also open to commissions and collaborations — comment here, or use the good old Contact form.

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