Back to Business!

January is already over, and with it my very first webinar, for which I dusted off my teaching and creative writing skills to lead lessons in “Writing with the Moon.” It was a great success, I would say; I received the most wonderful feedback from one attendee in particular who said how my explanation of getting started to sit down and write a poem worked for her, and she’s since been writing “quite a bit.” That one will keep me buoyed for awhile, I think. Dana (my webinar co-creator) and I are already talking about another writing retreat for April and are starting to work out details, which of course I will share as they become finalized. (There are some other lovely self-care and wellness retreats coming up through Her Creative Collective as well if you’re interested!)

I kept referring to January as my hiatus month, but really it was just a step back from the path I thought I’d set Fairy Tree Studios on, to make room for other things to come in. And they have: creative writing is reemerging in my life (I actually tried a little of my own, for the first time in probably a year), along with book-making. I’ve finally started some blank books for our wedding centerpieces, and am finishing up some other blank journals I started making for my new junk journal shop.

Speaking of my new shop, I have officially launched it today: FTSJunkJournals is now live on Etsy. There aren’t many listings yet, but I think knowing that the shop is public will motivate me to get moving.

These little journals were 3.5 x 5.5 — perfect for pockets. I’m working on getting more with some new cover designs ASAP.

And finally, I have sold out of all my little pocket journals, which means it’s time to make some more. One of my work friends also works part time at a print shop, and he’s helping me with some new cover designs, using some of the alcohol ink paintings I shared last week. I can’t wait to see how they turn out. I also bought some spray varnish to finish the alcohol ink paintings themselves, since there’s been some interest in them here and on social media, which has been a lovely surprise. I will share if/when I finish and list those.

February has traditionally been my least favorite month, but I do feel like this year I have lots to look forward to. Hopefully that feeling stays.

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