Snow Days and A Sneak Peek of Two New “PIY” Kits

We’ve gotten several more inches of snow since I took this picture earlier this afternoon. Not obvious from this angle are the drifts forming in front of the cars.

Over the last few days, we’ve been feeling a little (or in my case, a lot) cooped up. We’ve had ridiculously frigid temperatures and are now of course dealing with the winter storm that the entire eastern half of the country is dealing with — snow, snow, and more snow. I asked for snow this winter when I set my new moon wishes/intentions in January, but this is a bit extreme, even for me, as a native Michigander.

Still, like any card-carrying optimist, I’m trying to make the best of the time inside the house. I spent plenty of it under a blanket with a book, and Jake and I celebrated Valentine’s day with some wine and a movie at home on Sunday evening. (He also made me dinner — chicken parmesan — which was delicious.) I’ve spent quite a bit of time drawing, too. The result is a couple of new paint-it-yourself kits that I’m pretty excited about, because they’re both a little different than the ones I’ve put together so far. The first one is a set of landscape pictures (I’m going to paint them like sunrises/sunsets, though I think they could be painted like night skies with moons, too). The second set of drawings are 8″x10″ pages, which is a bigger format than I usually do.

My first set of 4×6 landscapes. These are the initial sketches for my own painting — I always like to include examples of what the paintings could look like in the listing. The actual patterns I sell will be much cleaner sketches.
My first 8×10 paint-it-yourself templates. I had fun drawing all these different plants, though it took me several hours and sketches to find a composition I liked enough for the top picture.

I found out earlier this evening that I get a “snow day” from work tomorrow (Jake unfortunately will not, since he works from home), so I’ll spend a couple hours painting these and then hopefully taking some photos and getting them listed.

Are you in a part of the country that’s being affected by this crazy storm? If so, I hope you’re staying warm and safe!

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