A little about my last market and some news about the next

I’ve been abysmal about updating you here, and for that I apologize. The good news is, I have a plan and a tentative schedule for future updates, so with any luck I’ll have a lot more to share from here on out! My market schedule is starting to fill up, which means I’ll have more new artwork coming, too. 

Speaking of markets, Fairy Tree Studios attended the Glorious Garden Festival in Bloomington, IL back in July, and it was a great success. I had both my best sales day to date on Saturday and my best market overall across the two days (Friday 7/15 and Saturday 7/16). Friday started off a little rough, as it rained all morning while I was setting up and into mid-afternoon during the market; given that most of what I sell is on paper, it was a challenge to keep everything dry! Thankfully nothing important got wet or ruined, though, and I sold some journals, stickers, and several small framed originals (including a couple of paintings to my booth neighbor, who was a fantastic neighbor to have [and not just because she bought my art!]).  

Me in my booth at the Glorious Garden Festival

Saturday dawned bright and sunny (and humid, but that’s an Illinois summer for you) and the people showed up. I sold even more original watercolors (including one of my “big” truck paintings!) and a few paint-it-yourself kits, too – along with stickers and a couple more journals. It was interesting to find that, while my Moon Journals and prints have done really well in my home city, folks in Bloomington were much more into the original pieces. Also, it seems that everyone still loves flowers – good thing I paint a lot of them!  

My new grid panels, working perfectly. I sold the paintings in the top left (the pink iris) and the top right (the red truck)!

One upside to having my first market in July cancelled (besides the fact that I probably wouldn’t have had enough stuff to fill my tables at back-to-back markets) is that I now have enough Moon Journals made to list them in my Etsy shop. The listing is live now, so if you’ve been curious about them but haven’t been able to get to a market to see them, I’ve shared lots of details and photos in the listing. 

And in more exciting news, I have another new market lined up for next weekend, this time at Rader Farms in Normal, IL. They’re doing their annual Farmstead Fair on August 27-28 and have accepted me as a vendor. I’ve got some new fall floral paintings to bring with me and am working on more this week!  

The other side of my booth, complete with wonky silver tarp, which I was really thankful for on Friday (I’ve since ordered new white tent walls for next weekend).

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