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Halloween and fall paintings

The other day online, I saw a meme that said something about how we’ve all been conditioned to love summer because that’s when we had the most freedom as kids and teens, but that the season itself is actually “atrocious.” It’s really causing me to reflect on my love for summer; we’ve been lucky this past month weather-wise in Illinois but some summers are just swampy and miserable, with temperatures extreme enough to make us not want to leave the house (so basically not much better than winter). If I had to choose, I think spring is probably my favorite season, but I am looking forward to fall more than usual this year. I love the whole holiday season, and even though Halloween isn’t really my thing, I do like decorating for it (and it’s fun to see other people go all out for it).

Two Halloween-inspired watercolor paintings I did in August — way before the actual holiday for once!

This year, thanks in part to Instagram, I finally painted some Halloween-themed art. I’ve been seeing both Christmas and Halloween themed posts and art in my feeds (I follow one particular artist, Book Babe Designs, who did a “spooky launch” of some really cute Halloween mugs and shirts, and when I saw them I had to try drawing some of my own – though I probably won’t be ready to make t-shirts anytime soon).

My second batch of fall and Halloween paintings from last week.

Sadly, the big market I signed up for in October has also been cancelled (it’s been a whole thing with this particular organizer). I had a small event this past Friday, September 9, at Allerton Park in Monticello, IL, where I debuted these new watercolor paintings, but my next market may not be until December (I’m waiting to hear whether I’m accepted into a couple different places before then). In the meantime, I’ll be making prints and listing these on Etsy this weekend, so they can get to folks in time to celebrate! I’m also going to be putting a few up in my own house.

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